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Diagnostic Fault Code Check

Our mechanics can carry out a wide range of mechanical inspections and plug-in diagnostics, and as such, we can help find almost any fault.

A car diagnostic check is a process of using specialized equipment to diagnose and troubleshoot problems with a vehicle's engine, transmission, and other systems. The equipment, called a diagnostic scanner, connects to the vehicle's on-board computer and retrieves diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) that indicate which systems or components are not functioning properly.

During a diagnostic check, a technician will usually connect the scanner to the vehicle's diagnostic port, which is usually located under the dashboard or in the engine compartment. Once connected, the scanner will retrieve any stored DTCs and provide a description of the problem.

The technician will then use this information, along with their own knowledge and experience, to diagnose the issue and recommend repairs.

It's important to note that a diagnostic check is not a replacement for regular maintenance, and should be performed only when a problem with the vehicle is suspected.

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