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Wheel Alignment

Our wheel alignment service ensures that your vehicle's wheels are properly aligned, providing optimal performance, safety, and extended tyre life. At Bridgwater MOT Centre, we employ state-of-the-art technology and highly trained technicians to deliver precise and accurate wheel alignments.

Wheel alignment refers to the adjustment of the angles of your vehicle's wheels relative to each other and the road surface. Proper alignment ensures that the tyres are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the road. Over time, factors such as road conditions, potholes, and normal wear and tear can cause misalignment, leading to various issues.

Signs that your vehicle may require a wheel alignment:

  • Uneven or rapid tyre wear: If you notice that your tyres are wearing out unevenly or quickly, it may indicate a misalignment issue.
  • Vehicle pulling to one side: If your vehicle veers to the left or right even when the steering wheel is centered, it may be a sign of misaligned wheels.
  • Steering wheel vibration: Misaligned wheels can cause your steering wheel to shake or vibrate while driving.
  • Crooked steering wheel: If your steering wheel is not centered when driving straight, it suggests a potential alignment problem.

Our Wheel Alignment Process:

  • Improved safety: Properly aligned wheels enhance vehicle stability, reducing the risk of accidents and promoting safer driving.
  • Enhanced tyre life: Misaligned wheels cause uneven tyre wear, leading to premature tyre replacement. Wheel alignment helps maximize tyre lifespan, saving you money in the long run.
  • Fuel efficiency: Correct wheel alignment reduces rolling resistance, resulting in improved fuel efficiency and savings at the gas pump.
  • Smoother handling: When your wheels are aligned, your vehicle will have better handling and responsiveness, providing a more comfortable and enjoyable driving experience.
  • Prevents further damage: Addressing wheel misalignment promptly can prevent additional stress on suspension components, reducing the likelihood of costly repairs down the road.

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